Thursday, June 28, 2012

Past. Present. Past. Present.

I have been thinking a lot about being able to learn from mistakes and avoid falling down the same slope again.

But I know, for most people, that is not an easy feat.

There is reason why history tend to repeat itself - is it because we didn't learn from the past? Or can we not compare because of the different times and different circumstances? Should that even become a contributing factor? If so, does that mean we will never be able to learn from our past because situations are incomparable?

I know someone who is trapped in his own glass box of time and self. He is unable to see beyond what his eyes are allowing him to see, and the edges of the glass limits his ability to accept that there are other ideas other than his own that can be right, and he could be wrong.

Ironically, this person is aware of his actions, his mistakes and his wrong-doings. And yet, that does not prevent him from saying the things he shouldn't say, or saying things that is moot and rather exacerbates the situation.

When both action and words can no longer be used to clear his mind and help him understand the world beyond his glass haven, what can be done?

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