Monday, March 28, 2011

Let the Monday frustrations begin...

I am not really into the idea of waking up at 5am on a Sunday to write a story, sending editors stories hours and hours before the deadline, just to find out on Monday that they didn't publish it. I hate to begin the week with such a frustrating way, when I was so determined just last night to have an amazing week. Of course, I can still not let it affect the remaining days, but I think a moment is needed to let it all out.

The idea of putting so much work into something I care about, only to have it all gone to waste is not a good feeling. But of course, as I chose to walk the path of a reporter and a writer, these are just the little things I'm going to have to deal with (and have been dealing with) for a long time coming. (But please, improve in some way at least?) Not everything you do will receive recognition, just because you are determined, it doesn't mean you will reach your goal.

But I do think, no matter what, you have to continue to believe in that magic. You may not reach what you originally wanted to attain, but because of your determination to continue going at it, there may be many other windows and doors that will open along the way.

A news reporter from KABC Los Angeles once told me, "You are aggressive, I like that." It's always odd to hear someone tell you that your determination shows.

"Be patient, be persistent, you will persevere," he said.

Sounds like something I should put on as a tattoo.

So some frustrations and some inspiration thoughts to begin the week, perhaps it's not as bad as I thought.

Keep those fingers crossed.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Procrastination, an inherent human nature

I am having the hardest time convincing myself to sit down and write. Everything is acting as a distraction right now. At home, it was the dirty dishes, my pens needed new ink and suddenly, I felt the need to make the bed. At the local cafe, people's conversations always find a way through my earphones, which were in place to block out the outside noise. I purposely left the house to stop myself from cleaning everything possible to avoid writing.

Procrastination, an inherent human nature,

The reason why I finally decided to start this blog is to create an outlet for novel writing. I've finished a young adult story which I'm in the process of trying to get it published. And rather than just waiting for something to happen, I'm going to start on another writing project.

Is it natural to find it difficult to start on something new when the old hasn't gotten anywhere yet? I love writing, I love reading, that is why I'm doing this. But is it normal to feel dejected, when nothing has really come out of it yet?

I know I won't stop because of a little pebble, I think I just need to let the words come out and worry about the rest of everything later. I have the drive, the ideas and the ability. But I am just having the hardest time concentrating.

Must. Convince. Self. To. Settle. Down.

Perhaps I need to pull a Henry David Thoreau and get myself a cabin.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't forget to wipe your feet...

After reading "The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club" by the ubiquitous Charles Dickens, I knew I had to snatch up the title for a blog.

A blog, really?

Of all the things I could name; a stuff animal (Picky, for short), the plant nearing the end of its life on my balcony, or....a blog.

Then I realized, it wasn't just the title that caught my eye, it was the life within those words. The people who represented the "Pickwickians".

So what is The Pickwickian Life? It is...

To follow the traveling footsteps of Samuel Pickwick, the founder of The Pickwick Club and his fellow Pickwickians; Mr. Nathaniel Winkle, Mr. Augustus Snodgrass and Mr. Tracy Tupman. It is their goal in life to make journeys to the remote places of England and report on their discoveries to the other members of the club.

"I am ruminating," said Mr. Pickwick, "on the strange mutability of human affairs." "Ah! I see — in at the palace door one day, out at the window the next. Philosopher, Sir?" "An observer of human nature, Sir," said Mr. Pickwick. "Ah, so am I. Most people are when they've little to do and less to get." - Chapter One, The Pickwick Papers.

So here will be my own narrative of my own journeys with my fellow Pickwickians. I hope to meet my very own Samuel Weller and rejoice in his various sayings and inspiring quotes. I also want to avoid any devious mischiefs that may be caused by the Alfred Jingles of my travels.

I hope to create memories of all the characters I may meet in life, to tell the stories of the hearts and minds of people, and to explore what is beyond the windows of technology that seems to be caving much of society today.

So join me, have a cup of tea and rest your tired feet upon the newly upholstered footstool and become one of the members of The Pickwickian Life.