Wednesday, June 13, 2012

As I drove through the highway last night, the road was dark and the only light source came from my newly fixed low-beams.

I enjoy darkness. Not because I naturally have a “dark” persona, nor am I a pessimistic person, nor do I have the habit of hiding. I simply find “calm” and “quiet” in darkness.

Leaving a crack of my car windows open, the night air embraced me. Filling my lungs with a crispness of air you can only feel at this time. I can almost feel the wheat, the grass, the cold dampness of the wind. It reminds me of my college years, where I would walk along the tiny streets beside the fields, feeling the grains though my fingers. It was the smell of serenity.

Hearing my engine purr softly beneath me, I took a moment to enjoy the darkness. Wishing the cars who drove next to me would pass quickly. Wishing the road would just go on.

But where would I end up? It would be unknown, but to know I have traveled long and hard to get there, sometimes that is all that counts, no matter where the destination ends up being.

My favorite moment is knowing everyone is asleep; warm under the protective covers of a well-loved duvet. My desk lamp is lit, a soft glow.

The surrounding shadows are my friends of the night. The stars shine a light for me for times when I am feeling rather bleak. The moon sits high above the grey clouds, reminding me there is always light through the darkness of the tunnel.

It is like wracking through your mind for that simple memory, for that moment in time you wish could remain still, for the people you love but have left you.

There is a reason why you are searching for that memory, to remember that person. Whether it’d be a lover or a lost sibling; the tunnel of darkness is your mind, and when you finally find that memory, you find light.

You remember that person, forever. 

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