Friday, March 25, 2011

Procrastination, an inherent human nature

I am having the hardest time convincing myself to sit down and write. Everything is acting as a distraction right now. At home, it was the dirty dishes, my pens needed new ink and suddenly, I felt the need to make the bed. At the local cafe, people's conversations always find a way through my earphones, which were in place to block out the outside noise. I purposely left the house to stop myself from cleaning everything possible to avoid writing.

Procrastination, an inherent human nature,

The reason why I finally decided to start this blog is to create an outlet for novel writing. I've finished a young adult story which I'm in the process of trying to get it published. And rather than just waiting for something to happen, I'm going to start on another writing project.

Is it natural to find it difficult to start on something new when the old hasn't gotten anywhere yet? I love writing, I love reading, that is why I'm doing this. But is it normal to feel dejected, when nothing has really come out of it yet?

I know I won't stop because of a little pebble, I think I just need to let the words come out and worry about the rest of everything later. I have the drive, the ideas and the ability. But I am just having the hardest time concentrating.

Must. Convince. Self. To. Settle. Down.

Perhaps I need to pull a Henry David Thoreau and get myself a cabin.

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