Monday, March 28, 2011

Let the Monday frustrations begin...

I am not really into the idea of waking up at 5am on a Sunday to write a story, sending editors stories hours and hours before the deadline, just to find out on Monday that they didn't publish it. I hate to begin the week with such a frustrating way, when I was so determined just last night to have an amazing week. Of course, I can still not let it affect the remaining days, but I think a moment is needed to let it all out.

The idea of putting so much work into something I care about, only to have it all gone to waste is not a good feeling. But of course, as I chose to walk the path of a reporter and a writer, these are just the little things I'm going to have to deal with (and have been dealing with) for a long time coming. (But please, improve in some way at least?) Not everything you do will receive recognition, just because you are determined, it doesn't mean you will reach your goal.

But I do think, no matter what, you have to continue to believe in that magic. You may not reach what you originally wanted to attain, but because of your determination to continue going at it, there may be many other windows and doors that will open along the way.

A news reporter from KABC Los Angeles once told me, "You are aggressive, I like that." It's always odd to hear someone tell you that your determination shows.

"Be patient, be persistent, you will persevere," he said.

Sounds like something I should put on as a tattoo.

So some frustrations and some inspiration thoughts to begin the week, perhaps it's not as bad as I thought.

Keep those fingers crossed.

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