Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dreaming Whales and Puffy Clouds

As I drove down the coastal highway, my windows were rolled down, allowing the fresh afternoon sea air to flow through and embrace me after a long day. It was salty, soothing and a little sad. Cars zoomed passed me, as if trying to get home as fast as possible because their house is on fire. I took my time. I coasted. I let the hills take me however fast they want to.

A marine layer began to come in - cloaking the ocean with a light film of fog, misty and magical. The sky was slowly turning a little pink, some gray with a hint of orange. When I looked up, I saw whales. Swimming among the ocean of clouds, one by one, flipping their tails like children with a towel tied around their necks, pretending to be Superman.

I saw beyond the clouds. I saw beyond the sky. I saw beyond what reality allows me to see.

The whales are real; they dream as I dream. They wait for us to ride upon their sturdy backs through the sea of life and adventure. Sometimes, we may fall off and find ourselves swimming alone around strange creatures around the unfamiliar sea floor. But always, we will always find them again.

Dreaming Whales and Puffy Clouds by Yours Truly

And the whales will find us.

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